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At Ambit, we specialize in communicating the expertise of talented professionals to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry clients that we work with. We offer careers guidance, application support, market understanding and resources to enable you to make the next step in your professional journey.

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Find a job

We can help you
define ‘what next?’

Ambit’s team of careers specialists will help you to define what ‘next’ looks like. We recognize that every career is driven by different motivators, and we can help you understand both your anchors and ambitions through data-driven insights

We can help youdefine ‘what next?’
Realize your ambition

Realize your ambition

Once we’ve established what the ‘next step’ could be, we’ll cross-match your interests with relevant roles and companies across the life sciences sector

Utilizing industry expertise and an in-depth understanding of the job market, we’ll identify opportunities that will help you to reach that next stage of your career

Communicateyour expertise

your expertise

Whether you need help with writing the perfect application, navigating assessments or succeeding at the final interview, our careers specialists can provide advice and guidance on each stage of the hiring process, to help you secure that perfect role

Get to know our talent specialists

Get to know our talent specialists

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Our story

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